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Mother - Huiqi Suo

Eldest - Linsheng Guo

Father - Shuzeng Guo

Eldest's Wife - Xiumin He

2nd Son - Linxian Guo

ABOUT the Owners

World Elite Gymnastics is owned and operated by the Guo’s family, a well-known family in the arena of gymnastics in China. Father Shuzeng Guo was 1959 Chinese National Gymnastics All-Around Champion, mother Huiqi Suo was 1960 Chinese National Gymnastics Beam Champion. Under their influence and strict training, their children, the eldest son, Linsheng Guo was 1985 and 1986 Chinese National Gymnastics All-Around Champion and was a member of the 10 th Annual International Asia Games Silver Medal Team; the second son, Linxian Guo was 1989 National Gymnastics All-Around Champion and received a Silver Medal for Team at World Gymnastics Championship and was a member of the 1988 Chinese Olympics Team; daughter, Linhong Guo in 1982 received seven Gold Medals including two Individual All-Around Champion at two different International Invitational Championships; the youngest son, Linyao Guo received a Gold Medal for Team, Pommel Horse, Parallel Bars, and Individual All-Around at the 11th Annual International Asia Games as well as 1991 Chinese National Gymnastics All-Around Champion and part of the 1992 Olympics Chinese Silver Medal team and Gold Medal for Team at 1994 World Artistic Gymnastics Team Championship.  Their spouses were also very involved in the sport.  Xiumin He was the 1978 Asian Games All-Around Champion and have coached many National Champions, World Champions and Olympic Medalists.  Huiying Wang was also part of the 1988 Chinese Olympic team and was named for the Front Handspring Layout Barani (Vault).  Limei Xiao was part of the Chinese National Rhythmic Gymnastics team and won numerous titles including the 1992 Rhythmic International Gymnastics Championship.  All of the siblings and their spouses are continually involved in the sport of gymnastics and produced many National and International Champions.

2nd's Wife - Huiying Wang

3rd Daughter - Linhong Guo

Youngest Son - Linyao Guo

Youngest's Wife - Limei Xiao